Head Into The Weekend With Hank Aaron Putting On A Clinic On 1960's "Homerun Derby" Television Series

Today, not just the greatest home run hitter of all time, but one of the greatest players the game of baseball has ever and will ever see passed away. 

Hammerin' Henry Aaron.

Imagine this if you can, it's the summer of 1960. Every Saturday morning you wake up and race to the television. 

Not to turn on whatever the equivalent to Saturday morning cartoons was for that generation, no, but instead to watch THE premier power hitters of the day, icons, and future legends of the sport, battle it out in minor league Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, California. 

Head to head, straight up home-run-derby. 

Prison rules. None of this pussy time-outs, and your dad pitches to you bullshit.

Just 30 minutes of gong shots and yabo's. 


And the staple of the show was the king of them all, Hank Aaron.

Can you imagine this today? Trout and Judge just hitting moonshots inside a minor league stadium in front of nobody for no money, just bragging rights?

This show only ran one "season" because its host Mark Scott, suddenly passed away post-production and somehow nobody else decided to pick it up and run with it.

Twenty-six episodes were filmed and Aaron appeared in almost half of them.

Rest in peace to the true homerun king. 

Enjoy some awesome nostalgia and have a hell of a weekend.