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So Apparently All Business Pete Spends His Days Spying On Us, Monitoring What Websites We Are Going On


What in the fresh hell is this???? How are we going to get Kelly Martin purse review blogs if she can't check out the latest trends and styles??? And more importantly, how in the world does All Biz Pete know Kelly Martin frequents the Louis Vuitton website on her laptop? And if he's monitoring what sites she's going to...does that mean....oh my godddddddd



If Pete is monitoring what Kelly Martin is doing during the day, does that mean he's monitoring what the rest of us are going on during the day? 



The investigation continued:



Yes, Pete uses an Android, did you expect anything different?

The idea that he is in real time monitoring Kelly looking at purses makes me laugh because think about what else he is seeing:

- Greenie watching Jeff Teague shoot free throws

- Jack Mac planning the next attack on the Capitol

- Trysta Googling how many quarters are in an NBA game

- Dave researching the most famous batting stances of the 1990's

- YP refreshing the blogger page to see if he still works here

- Everyone else refreshing the blogger page to see if YP still works here

Does it actually matter Pete is spying on us? Not really. I'm still gonna watch porn if need be. We all do it, nothing to be ashamed of. Shit, if he wants to jot down a few of the websites, by all means, we're a community here. Sharing is caring. 

Cat is out of the bag now, Pete uses company time to spy on coworkers. Strange, but as long as the Internet works (his only job) he doesn't have much else to do, so spy on my friend. And yes, that girl really did have 3 d's in her b at the same time. I knew you were wondering that.