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Only 364 More Days 'Till Next Year's Hockey Tryouts. Gotta Toughen Up

Just another premium example of why dudes rock. 

All across the world you have folks trying to coddle this next generation. Holding their hands, putting them in bubble wrap, and telling them that everything is going to be alright. But not dudes. 

Little brother has his buddies over to sauce around on the ODR? There's no better time to teach those little snot-nosed bastards how to get bundled along the boards. They're going to have to learn at some point, and better now than when they're going up against some scumbag rat looking to take their head off in the championship game. Plus you get to bury some little kids while you're at it. Just an all time drill. 

P.S. - Love the smallest one going first. Fearless little shit. Kid's gonna be a menace one day.