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The Barstool Fund - Daly's Pub

Up next: Daly's Pub (Queens, NY)

Daly's Pub is everything you would expect an Irish pub to be and more. Unlike the many watering holes attempting to pay homage to the legendary pubs of yore, Daly's boasts a vibe that is genuine, familiar and full of life, much like the old-school pubs it tries to emulate.



Reader Email

My name is Ruari Daly,

I came to new York on May 29 2001 for a 2 week vacation and was lucky enough to be here ever since my first few months. I was working downtown in construction and was witness to the 9/11 attacks as I was working by city hall but anyhow in September 2009 I decided to open Dalys pub which has been the best move I ever made because I came part of a family and a great community the neighborhood welcomed me into there arms as I did them. Dalys would be the Irish / America version of the tv show 'Cheers', we cater to all and I’m sure as the phrase in the show says it’s where everybody knows ur name, I like to give back to the customers when and how I can. Every football Sunday I bbq in the back yard for the customers who come to support there teams just dogs , burgers & chicken all for free , at Christmas I’ll throw a customer Christmas open bar for a few hours , and when superstorm sandy hit we did like a food drive for the people of rock away thinking every little helps for the people who need it we ended up delivering 2 40ft truck loads of supplies to the people of rock away and I brought my trusty bbq and a bunch of food and grilled for them for that day an amazing experience. 

In 2015 I had the most unbelievable experience from the people and small business in Astoria and queens my younger Brother (bartender) fell ill with a very rare cancer and his medical bills where growing fast that’s when the community got together and did a fund raiser at the pub to help him out with his bills it was such a beautiful and unreal experience to see how many people came and supported the family ,and just to see that much love and help my the whole family fill with hope that’s when I truly knew I couldn’t have opened my bar in a better neighborhood. Unfortunately my brother passed on dec 2015 and never got to see his son be born a few weeks later!!! but Dalys is just a staple of the community and we have a lot of great customers and amazing staff I’ve tried basically everything in my power to keep the doors open and keep the staff making some sort of money to try and help them stay afloat during this pandemic but to be truly truthful I’m going into my own funds now just to keep the doors open for the few customers we get. As u know they keep changing the rules the light at the end of the tunnel is fading pretty fast. Unfortunately I’m not one to ask for help but I guess when ur at the bottom of the barrel u got to try everything u can especially when u feel like others livelihoods are also in ur hands. So I figure I’ll try with u Dave first if I don’t hear back from u obviously I’ll keep fighting the fight until all options have run out. Dave is ur an inspiration and an amazing human for the thought, effort and hope U are giving people we need a lot more like u and get rid of these fucking clowns running our states and country on that note thanks so much for listening and give me time to here my story I’m sure u have so many to go through and I’m glad u realize that it is the small business that is the backbone of this great country and ur trying to save it , “everyone knows the rules “ especially el prez thanks so much brother to u and the team stay safe and stay healthy.