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Donovan Mitchell Doesn't Have Time For Shaq's Bullshit

I know this is going to sound like a broken record, but, uh, what the fuck is Shaq talking about? This is where Shaq loses me. I know pretty much the entire world loves him when he's playing DJ in his kitchen or randomly showing up in mosh pits. But he's also the most insecure great player perhaps ever. He's questioning Donovan Mitchell. Just for a reference sake, Donovan Mitchell has improved his scoring every single year in the league. He's improved his 3pt shooting every single year. Assists have gone up every single year. Fuck, he even averaged THIRTY SIX points per game in the playoffs last year. For seven games against a good ass Nuggets team, where the Jazz were underdogs, he put up 36 a game. Again, what the fuck is Shaq talking about here? 

I'll say this, I LOVE Mitchell's response here. I wish he went off on Shaq, but just giving him the equivalent of your girlfriend hitting you with a 'k' text message is gold. Shaq thinks he's out here mentoring this kid or lighting a fire or some bullshit when really Mitchell just doesn't give a fuck. Why should he? 

And listen, I don't have a problem with an analyst calling out someone if it's warranted. Shit, I want more of that. I'm so sick of the boring analysis and interviews. Give me something where guys really talk about how they feel. But Shaq makes no sense here. Thankfully Charles Barkley was there to chime in with some A+ analysis of Malik Beasley 

Hell of a year for sure, Chuck.