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Marcus Bagley's Dad Showed Up To The Arizona/ASU Game Last Night In A 'Fuck Tucson' Shirt .... Naturally ASU Lost At The Buzzer

I'm fully aware that Arizona won at the buzzer. I'm fully aware that Arizona State is one of the biggest disappointments in the country this year. But you don't know that's going to happen coming into the game. That's why you show up to a rivarly game wearing a Fuck Tucson shirt. Then again, can we be surprised that it was Marcus Bagley's dad? Let's just take a quick run through history

Bagley Sr. has always been a part of Bagley's career. He was given control of an AAU team because Bagley Jr. was the best player in the country. But this is a rivalry. This is Arizona/ASU, you don't just sit there quietly while your kid scores 9 points (I do like Marcus Bagley as a player) and you lose at the buzzer. Granted, the end of the game was fucking hilarious. 

We don't have student sections this year and it's mostly family and boosters across the country, so we need more people like Marcus Bagley's dad showing up to rivalry games like this. I'm all for shit talking, we need more of it. Do I care if it's a parent? Nope. It's a great shirt. A+ use of the Arizona State fork too. 


Also, there's nothing more spot on than this: 

ASU had a 5 point lead with 2:30 to go. They didn't score the rest of the way. That's on you man. Their possessions down the stretch were turnover, missed jumper, missed jumper, missed layup. Call me crazy, but maybe you should have made a shot?