Gronk Says He's Read About 80% Of The Book "It's Good To Be Gronk," By Rob Gronskowski



(Source)Rob Gronkowski co-wrote his new book It’s Good to be Gronk with agent Jason Rosenhaus, but in terms of reading the finished product, he didn’t get that far. “I only read like 80 percent of it,” he told Sirius XM on Monday. He added: “I’m not gonna lie about it. That’s what the book is; it’s all truthful in there. It’s not no sugar coat or anything, so, to make my image look good or there ain’t no false images in there. So I ain’t gonna lie, I only read like 80 percent of it.” Luckily, Gronkowski has the co-author on his payroll, so he probably doesn’t need to worry about the other 20 percent. Perhaps if the late, great biographer and journalist Richard Ben Cramer had co-authored it, there would be something in there Gronkowski might need to see.





People are probably going to make fun of Gronk for this, but 1) you’ve got to admire his honesty and 2) 80% of a book is roughly 80% more than I’ve read in the last year. How many books have you read since college? How many have you at least maybe kind of written? If it’s not close to one then you don’t get to laugh at Rob here. Plus he says he has a pretty solid understanding of what the other parts were, that counts as reading. Maybe I didn’t “read” Macbeth, Hamelt, Paradise Lost, Pascal, etc. but I know what’s in them. No, I didn’t go through it with a highlighter and jot down marginalia, but I read the CliffNotes and paid attention in class when teachers talked about what was actually inside them. If that’s not “reading” then you can go straight to hell.