Rate Judd Apatow's Bill Cosby Jokes He Did On The Tonight Show Last Night


Judd Apatow, yes the guy who makes every movie into a chick flick and shoves his wife and dumb kids in our faces the entire time did stand up on Fallon last night where he talked about his wife and dumb kids almost the entire time. But he also threw in those Cosby jokes, which really delivered. Some people today are all like “he went too far!” Did he? Is it Judd Apatow who went too far, or was it Bill Cosby who went too far by raping 100 different women? That’s the real question here. I thought Apatow crushed it. And it is ridiculous that Cosby is still out there touring, beep boppin around. I guess there’s no video tape proof of these rapes so he’s in the clear. The Internet and cell phones and technology in general is the worst thing to ever happen to Bill Cosby.

Also, here’s another question, brought to you by the New York Post:

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 5.46.50 PM

Oops, sorry about your phone, hope that take didn’t complete melt it. Though imagine if a man wrote that article and not a woman. It would be chaos in the streets. It would look like Gangs of New York outside.