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This Insane Diner Owner Who Screamed At A Toddler Is The Hero We Need In This World

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Would I ever scream at a baby? No. Would I ever freak out about people ordering too much food when I’m the one who owns the diner? Nope. But you know what? Sometimes you need a crazy person to unload every now and again. It keeps order and balance in the world. The 3 year old thought she was a queen but shut up immediately once words started flying, didn’t she? Yeah, because now she knows there are maniacs in this world who will lose their minds and terrify her. It’s like when I was in elementary school and used to be a spoiled brat until I got punched in the face once. Once you learn there’s a threat of violence, or a threat of a crazy lady screaming in your face, then you live the rest of your life behaving much better. That’s just a fact. The only reason I’m not a dickhead to everyone is so I don’t get hit and from now on the only reason this toddler doesn’t scream in restaurants is so this fucking lunatic doesn’t jump up from behind the bar and get right in her grill. For that we all owe Marcy a debt of gratitude.



PS – That freaking out about the pancakes is the weirdest part. Who gives a fuck how many pancakes they got, they paid for them. They weren’t asking for free pancakes, they ordered food then paid for it. Since when is 3 pancakes an outrageous number to order for a table at breakfast?