Waking Up With A Chainsaw To Your Throat Is One Brutal Way To Start The Day

Fake (probably) or not, it’s the idea that resonates. Nobody wants to be waken up with a chainsaw to the jugular and your pants full of shit. The only thing worse would be if he didn’t take off the blade. Actually, as far as prank videos go, I recall the Leatherface chainsaw one last Halloween being one of the GOAT.

Normally I hate prank videos as they’re unoriginal or simply hipster dufuses vying for attention. That, however, was one for the books. The magic is in the details, and having a triple amputee helps. A true diamond in the rough talent for scary prank videos. Would be like owning the only 8-foot center in the NBA or a 3-foot dick in the porn industry. Pretty sure Dikembe Mutombo would be the only close for both quotas. Still, everyone involved is lucky nobody was packing heat and the janitor didn’t see them. One sight at that mess in the elevator and I would’ve killed him with my bare hands.

I can understand the people on foot running away, but how does the driver in that car not run over Leatherface??? Perfectly legal and acceptable to Twisted Metal his ass. You don’t bring a chainsaw to a car fight.