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The Baseball Writers' Association of America Is Filled With Absolute Cowards


Every year. Every year Hall of Fame voting comes out, and every year the BBWAA finds a new way to show its ass. It's the Hall of Fame, there's plenty of debate to be had about whether or not it should be taken as seriously as it takes itself in the first place. As long as Bonds and Clemens are on the outside looking in, it's hard to take it very seriously at all. Curt Schilling has been on the ballot for a few years now. He gets enough votes to stay on the ballot, never enough to be elected. As a regular season pitcher, he has a borderline at best case. But when it comes to October, there's but a handful of guys in the history of the game you'd hand the ball to with the chips on the line. Curt Schilling is one of those guys. 

Curt Schilling's career ended and he's done himself no favors. I mean literally not one favor. He's as good in the postseason as he is at bankrupting Rhode Island. He showed his own ass so many times ESPN had no choice but to kick him to the curb. He's been as loud and vocal about his own beliefs to the point where I'd be surprised if you didn't know how he felt about absolutely anything that's happened, happening, or will happen in the world on a given day. Which is precisely why these voters are cowards. Not because Schilling was hooting and hollering while the Capitol was under siege. But because these writers clearly don't give a fuck about character or maintaining the integrity of a Hall of Fame littered with plaques of immoral, deeply flawed men. Remember, the MLB announced they were acknowledging stats from the Negro Leagues LAST MONTH. Cooperstown is as clandestine as the Catholic Church. Baseball has a long way to go before it becomes how it would prefer to be perceived. 

These voters clamoring to get their ballots back don't give a fuck about Schilling's character. Or anyone's character, for that matter. If they truly did they wouldn't have voted for him as recently as 15 days ago. They don't want their names attached to him so close to what happened in DC. They want people to give them fake gold stars, internet brownie points, to look like good people. Not, yanno, actually be good people. It's cowardice, simple and plain. If you think he should be in, stand on it. You're already hiding behind anonymous votes in the first place, why ask for a redo now? You think Barry Bonds wouldn't love a fucking redo with steroids? You've been holding that over his head for 15 years. If that mistake was enough for him to be blackballed from both professional baseball and the Hall of Fame, why should any of these assclowns be allowed to vote ever again? They clearly didn't take the time or care before hand to put any thought into this process, anyone who asked for a second chance should have their votes permanently revoked. They've felt self-important enough to gate-keep a museum all these years, now they can sit outside with everybody else.