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Israeli Woman Named "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" OPENS UP, Reveals How Difficult It's Been "Getting Trolled For My Looks" By "Haters" Sending "Not Very Nice" Messages... But She Has Her Billionaire, Son-Of-An-Heiress Boyfriend To Keep Her Grounded.

THE SUN — AN Israeli teenager has been named the most stunning woman in the world after topping the "100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year" list.

Model and actress Yael Shelbia, 19, beat the rest of the world's female population to take the top spot on the annual TC Candler list.

If you want to skip over this post, I'll understand. I know everyone's sick of the media exploiting tragedy and stoking fears to make sure business stays booming. If you've been Doomscrolling all day and you just can't take another story of a human suffering during these unprecedented times, you do what you have to do for your own mental health. 

If you stuck around, brace yourselves: this model being named The Most Beautiful Woman In The World with The Most Beautiful Face, then struggling through the harsh, devastating, "not the nicest" emails and DMs from DOZENS of angry, cold-hearted basement trolls and's not an easy read. And I didn't even mention the (billionaire) boyfriend (son of a media heiress) yet. 

Viewer discretion is advised.

A woman who's been named the 'most beautiful girl in the world' has admitted she's been trolled for her looks after speaking candidly about her lavish lifestyle. 

Yael Shelbia, 19, was recently crowned champion of TC Candler's annual '100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year' list...

But while the Israeli model and actress has been inundated with notes from suitors and well-wishes from fans after winning the accolade - some messages 'haven't been the nicest'.

She said: 'I've received a large amount of support and love, also suitor messages I must admit and messages that weren't the nicest. They said the normal things that haters say, nothing worth any attention.' (Daily Mail


You know what I was thinking about reading this story? This real and raw TRUE love and unbreakable connection between these two real and raw people? How refreshing it was to see just two normal and average people being so in love. How inspiring it was even, that you don't have to be named Leo or Brad to find love: it still exists for the average everyman (and wo-man).

Israeli model, 19, named the 'most beautiful girl in the world' admits she's been trolled for her looks - but says her 36-year-old billionaire boyfriend - who is Sumner Redstone's grandson - is more than happy.

Adding that the award has arrived at just the right time, following a challenging year due to the pandemic, Yael insisted that 'all women are beautiful'.

'I think what makes a person beautiful is to be kind, humble and most of all - positive. When you are good, it is really shown in your eyes and eyes never lie,' she added.

Yael also confirmed to the publication that she was dating Brandon, 'who is very happy for her', after being together for a year.

It's been my problem with the romance movies and rom-coms that come out of Hollywood: it's so unrealistic. The beauty and the joy of the cinema is to get swept up in the world of the movie, to become the protagonist, to envision that it's actually you who's been getting swept off her feet. You emotionally connect when you, everyday common-person…YOU get to live vicariously through the stars and starlets of the big screen.  That's the hook, the fantasy. That when that little man rings the doorbell on Christmas Eve and does a presentation with gigantic flash cards confessing his true love for you, it's YOU — not the impossibly gorgeous Keira Knightley — who's reading those words, YOU who's eating it up as your fun, caring, and loving husband's creepy little stalker "best friend" is actively trying to fuck his wife literally in front of his face. On Christmas Eve. 

But you get the point. None of it is believable for us, the peasants and peons. We don't know a Ryan Reynolds that we set up with our good friend from college Olivia Wilde then hear about their passionate first-date sex over coffee.  Our buddies aren't Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher, senselessly arguing with us insisting there aren't any real feelings, they're just Friends (With Benefits) with Mila Kunis, that it's super loose and casual with Natalie Portman, no drama, No Strings Attached. 

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So it's just nice, that's all. Nice to see real people who live in the real world find that ever-elusive "true love," the kind of love that makes all the stress from the day — the horrible day, spent getting trolled by haters on the internet for "being so pretty they named you the World's Most Beautiful Woman, like literally, with a certificate" — it all just disappears when you see his face…. 

….The kind of love that — ok, yes, it's true that you don't have all the money in the world, and no, you may not be the richest man alive, on the cover of Forbes or something; but your really, REALLY close. With a market rebound and a strong year, God willing, You Your mom will finally collect the remaining money in the world. But if she doesn't, you won't stress about it, you won't lose sleep worrying about how to make ends meet — a love like this can get you through anything, from financial hardships to getting deported from Israel because you broke Covid rules by traveling and sneaking into the country to see her face….which is The World's Most Beautiful.

So if you've had a rough time lately and are feeling extra lonely, take this to heart: if the billionaire son of the billionaire CBS and VIacom owning family can find love with the literal most beautiful woman on the planet, you can too. 



Although I wouldn't bet on it.

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Seriously though. Fuck this guy. 

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