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Please Don’t Be An Asshole And Clickbait The Kris Bryant Interview With Barstool Chicago

I’ll summarize efficiently so you don’t have to click through a bunch of bad ESPN commentary. Kris Bryant came on the Barstool Chicago sports podcast Red Line Radio this week. We’re not best friends but it’s a great conversation with a guy who has been through a lot in his career, positive and negative. Eddie and I went out of our way to not be uncomfortable about the fact the Cubs are in clear tear down mode and his name is literally linked in every trade speculation. Even so it’s impossible not to ask if he’s still having fun.

And from there you get an unbelievably honest answer. The kind of stuff you don’t get in a clubhouse. You get a superstar being vulnerable and talking about his personal quest to get back to where he feels the same way as a kid. That’s why he loves the game in the first place, right? And it’s exactly the meat of his answer. He’s searching to get to his happy spot. There was rough sledding in 2018 no doubt. It hasn’t been a picnic since. And he’s trying to get back just having fun. Hard to argue against that answer when you consider how much shit you get in this city.

Fast forward to today when the national media decides to blatantly say the following 

That’s the takeaway? Almost 30 minutes of raw conversation about his time with the Cubs and we’re going to sit here and preach about how he’s not having fun anymore? Seriously fuck this place. No wonder nobody wants to talk to the media. I’m out here trying to give him a shot to explain himself and we get credentialed big J media coming in taking shots like it’s their story. Their narrative. Seriously it’s nothing less than complete bullshit.

Fortunately I don’t need to do too much standing up for Kris Bryant. Unlike his employer he actually has his shit together right now. Maybe write an article about that Jesse.