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The Barstool Fund - Victor Child Care Center

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Victor Child Care has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. Their goal is to provide the highest quality care through a wide range of exciting programs. Children are encouraged to make friends, have fun and learn by taking advantage of activities and the facilities.



Reader Email

I am submitting on behalf of my mother Laurie Lavery. She has owned Victor Child Care Center for over 30 years. She has helped to impact the lives of thousands of children. She has been struggling through the entire pandemic to stay open. She is 62 with health issues that make her high risk for contracting Covid. She has kept the daycare open through incredibly difficult times so that front line workers could continue to help fight the pandemic. She struggles every day with the Covid requirements to keep the children, the staff, the parents and herself safe. Her dedication to these children over the last 30 years is inspirational. It breaks my heart to see my mother struggle to keep her business afloat and keep everyone safe at the time.

She would use the funding to be able to pay the staff uninterrupted. She would also use the funding to hire more staff, due to the Covid restrictions, she is required to have a higher staff count so the kids can be more separated and safer. She needs to continue to buy food for the children to eat breakfast and lunch. The funding would also help towards purchasing supplies for the kids projects.(I.E, arts and crafts). Thank you.