Josie Canseco Has Responded To Dating Frank The Tank

Before we get to Josie's response let's rewind the clock this on Rough N' Rowdy 13 rivalry so far... For anyone that's missed it, the BILLY FOOTBALL vs JOSE CANSECO shit talking started to hit a whole other level on Twitter this week. 

Not just with the standard back and forth but also some well placed semi-targeted memes from Billy & Tevo:

***Very targeted. And while all this was happening yesterday even Josie Canseco, Jose's daughter, emerged from the clouds with a response after Billy offered up a date with Frank The Tank... (after he knocks out her father in the 2nd round)

This is Josie FYI:  

This is what Frank thinks of her father Jose Canseco FYI: 

Sufficed to say there is NO love lost between Frank & The Consecos.

…But maybe some is brewing now? BAH GAWD THAT'S THE TANKS MUSIC!!!

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GO TANK GO!!! Now Billy gets the bag and the glory, Frank gets the girl and a new episode of Raw Dogging… Everybody wins on February 5th! I also asked Frank if he wanted to drive down with us to West Virginia and he said "sure" so pending final approval… THE TANK WILL BE IN THE ARENA AT ROUGH N' ROWDY 13.

Leave a comment if that's something you might be interested in

also we're gonna count that as (1) vote YES from Josie already

RnR 13 featuring a Jose Canseco vs Billy Football main event, 20 NO headgear fights, 4'3'' vs 4'5'' lightweight title, live ring girl contest and more on February 5th at 8 pm ONLY on PPV