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What Were Some of Greg Maddux's Best Clubhouse Pranks?

On today's Pardon My Take, it's a twofer Fri-yay with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter. Recurring guest Julian Edelman joined the show once again to discuss his future football plans, how weird it is to not make the playoffs, and more. 

In addition to that, the guys also welcomed on MLB Hall of Famer Greg Maddux. The former Cub, Brave, Dodger, and Padre discussed some of battles with Tony Gwynn, Barry Bonds, his upcoming golf tournament, and a unique topic - pranks inside a MLB clubhouse. What exactly went down in this setting? Maddux gave us some details on today's show:

Mr. Commenter: Big Cat alluded to some of the pranks, and we had Tom Glavine on the show. He was one of our very first guests that we ever had, and he told us a lot of Great Greg Maddux stories, not sure how many of them are 100% true. There was one, I think, you cleaned yourself with someone's undershirt, II'll put it that way. 

Greg Maddux: Yeah, that wasn't true. He said I wiped my butt on Walt Weiss' shirt. Yeah, I've heard that one. See, I don't remember doing that, and especially to Walt, because I liked Walt. Walt was just a class act and a good guy. And I'm like, there's no way I would ever do that to him, so somebody could have done it and I got blamed for it. But I need to ask Walt about that, the next time I see him and say, "Hey Walt, is this true? Did I really do this to you?" Because I mean, I know, you know, as we get older, we forget a lot of stuff, but I don't remember that.

Mr. Commenter: You're a bad liar. You absolutely wiped your ass on Walt Weiss' undershirt.

Mr. Cat: You absolutely did, we also had Andre Dawson on the show and he's told a story about you pissing in a hot tub. 

Greg Maddux: OK, that one was true. But that was just a joke. 

Mr. Cat: What about pissing on other guys? Like I feel like you were probably the most fun guy to be around in the clubhouse.

Greg Maddux: Only if they got me first, I would get even. I would never start, but I would get even. I mean, that was the kind of thing, you know, it was a different world back then. You do that now, they might put you in jail for two weeks, you know.

Just guys being dudes. That is what went down in Major League Baseball clubhouses in the 90s and early 2000s. If any of that were to happen in the present, well, Maddux is absolutely right. Someone would record it on their phone, post it on social media, and there would be no way to lie about it. But during Maddux's playing career, those guys could probably pull off some wild pranks.