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YooHoo Is An Elite Drink And That's Just A Fact

This week on The Dog Walk, we drafted road trip snacks:

It was a contentious morning and Red Ed was up to his bullshit, per usual. You know exactly what I mean if you've already listened. If you didn't, tune in here:


Now I got hosed in the debate. I said it yesterday when I was calling my coworkers assholes for saying "beef jerky will stink up the car" and I'll say it again today now that people are slandering YooHoo's good name in my mentions: YooHoo is an elite drink. Perfect, in fact.

All jokes aside, I *sort of* try to eat healthy-ish. Blah blah blah you're a disgusting slob - look, I get it. I am not what you would call a handsome man. The good lord chose not to bless me with charm, athletic ability, or a fully functional brain. But if you take one look at me you know I know my way around junk food, in spite of me just saying that I try to somewhat eat healthy. In that light, I NEVER touch pop. Like I'll drink maybe a can or two of coke or root beer a year, if that. No jack and cokes, no rum and cokes nothing like that. I'm dead serious when I say that I never consume that sort of shit. 

But rules are meant to be broken. I know that YooHoo is trash liquid and awful for you. I mean, just take one look at the nutrition facts:

Not exactly a kale smoothie. But no fucking shit it's not. I know exactly what I'm getting though; a disgusting, processed chocolaty flavored drink:

But that's fine - moderation is key but throw away any and all moderation when you're on a road trip with your boys and YooHoo, simply put, is a perfect drink for any road trip. And it's hilarious that Yoohoo doesn't even hide the fact that it's not even real chocolate. It's just a "chocolate drink" and a "chocolate drink" that tastes absolutely incredible.

Say it's about 6am - you just woke up with a stiff neck and are filling up the tank at some rest stop on I80 in the middle of bumfuck Ohio. It's your shift to bust out a 4-500 mile drive and you need some fuel yourself. You go into that gas station and grab 3 things: a coffee that inevitably tastes like shit, a box of the Hostess chocolate donuts, and a YooHoo. That's it. That's all you need, and YooHoo is the crown jewel of those items and road trip snacks and drinks in general

I know what you're thinking, "WSD you didn't even draft 2 of the three things you mentioned in there you dumbfuck!" and to that I say suck my balls. I crafted a perfect draft in spite of what the poll and results showed. Whatever though fuck you. I didn't think about the donuts until after the draft. But none of that shit matters. What matters is YooHoo being absolutely fucking delicious and that's a cold hard fact.

PS - Live now with Gio let's rock.