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We Need The U To Be Back - Miami Offered Scholarships To The Sons Of Rick Ross, Edgerrin James And Jason Taylor Within An Hour Of Each Other

On one hand we can talk about how we are all old but that shit is overplayed. What we need to talk about is how this is just smart from Miami. We desperately need The U to be back. College football is better when Miami is The U and playing games that matter. How do you do that? You offer scholarships to these guys within an hour of each other. Like Howard Schnellenberger did, you recruit the state of Miami. You can't let that talent out of the city. Do I care that these three guys aren't ranked recruits? Nope. They are names and that's step 1 before you get in the real talent of Miami. 

I mean two of the guys come from all-time football greats. They can't be that bad, right? They have to have some sort of decent talent just from the gene pool. I also don't hate the strategy of bringing in guys like this, we already saw them bring back Ed Reed.

Sure, I may be remembering the glory days of the early 2000s when Miami was must watch. I just want that back. There's something special about Miami running out of the smoke and being relevant. More importantly, I want them to be the bad boys of football again. Give me that combined with stars like these dads on the sidelines. I don't care if they do dirty recruiting or anything. I just want Miami football back in my life. 

Cue the music! 

Cue it again!