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Ken Jennings Got Trolled To Death By A Jeopardy Contestant Last Night

For those that don't remember how Ken Jennings' legendary 74 win streak ended back in the day:

In the immortal words of Rick James, that was coooooold bloodeddddddd. For as great as Ken Jennings is at the game of Jeopardy as well as the #RE2PECT he has for Alex Trebek, this is the problem with having him as host. Anybody who got behind that podium was going to feel like a substitute teacher, but Ken is the extra nerdy substitute teacher that even the nerds on stage would feel comfortable pantsing in front of a live studio audience. 

Not only did Brian burn 7600 bucks to troll Ken (I have no doubt Brian knew the answer but chose to guess H&R Block anyway), but he also hit him with the happy face doodle in his answer just to twist the knife in Ken who definitely still has nightmares about being crushed by the giant green H&R Block every tax season.

Ken's reaction? Priceless.

In Jeopardy terms: What is a man who just had his soul snatched from his body?

Do you think Trebek would have taken that type of trolling with a smile as his heart was torn to shreds inside? Hell no. The Canadian in Alex would've come out, thrown his proverbial gloves off like a hockey player, and bundled Brian on the spot. Instead, Brian shot an ether arrow directly into Ken Jennings' heart for fun knowing full well he would be coming right back in the last spot as returning champion. The Gangsta Change Era has arrived.

Pray for Ken Jennings.