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'The Challenge: Double Agents' Ep. 6 Recap & Power Rankings - It's Amazing How Dumb People Keep Playing This Game

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. Maybe I'll convince the other guys from No Quitters to do a chat and we'll post the chat like it's the old podcast.

Lio decides to leave the show

I'm not going to make fun of Lio or anything because he left the show for mental health reasons and like TJ said, that's more important than The Challenge. We follow TJ's lead here. 

But I can't remember a season where we've had all more people leave the show and it's not even for fighting. I need to see an Adam vs CT here soon if people are dropping like flies left and right. This is already the 4th person to leave the show, 3 girls due to injury and Lio for mental health. What this did though was automatically give Devin a new partner. Remember Devin was a rogue agent with Tori leaving, so he gets paired up with Gabby. At least Gabby will finally get some screen time. 

Let's be honest, this episode sucked

We get an episode like this a couple times a season just because we have to. There wasn't much to it. There was some drama which we'll get into, but it felt strictly like a setup episode for more down the year. The daily challenge took up like 45 minutes of screen time and it was just them running for the most part. Just had to get that out of the way. 

Lolo is fucking annoying

We gotta say it. Lolo, kind of a bitch huh? First she gets into it with Theresa which sets up some of the drama later on: 

Then during the challenge, which was a 5 mile run while carrying this capsule and a couple checkpoints she's screaming at Nam for lack of communication. Just a reminder Nam's first language isn't even English. Then she gets all pissy that he doesn't run across the finish line and walks because it didn't matter where they finished. She rants and raves about how she's a professional athlete and this is the worst type of partner she's ever had. All in all, we got a heel. Lolo sucks.

These people are beyond stupid when it comes to the voting process

Every week I get more and more annoyed during the deliberation. There's always someone leading the way for the house vote. Then people freak out about it, but why? You need to win an elimination in order to get to the final. You can't just wait until the end. This time it's Ashley going on this rant about how you don't know if it's a guy or girl's elimination so you're voting for a team. Yes, true. But the game plan is to try and break up one person from the other, eliminate one person. Of course Ashley's speech didn't work, but we did get our closest vote yet. 

Here's where Theresa and Jay fucked up

Actually, this is more where Jay fucked up. Theresa was smart about what she wanted to do. Ashley and Kam were going to go after her at some point. They are also two of the better contestants. It was smart to try and put the two of them together and get rid of one of them. But Jay fucked up. He tells Cory that he's not compromised and just lies to him. Cory and Jay were friends so now Jay has a target on his back with the decision. Theresa made a small mistake though when she told Kam she'd throw her in if it was a headbanger, which Kam wanted. Instead it was some ring game and Theresa still threw her in. Jay knows the entire house is now targeting them. Not great. Kam ends up winning, stays with Kyle, which is a strong team. I still think Leroy will end up snaking her if he wins a gold skull because they are dating. We say bye again to Ashley. 

Was Josh a big dumb, bitch? 

In a positive Josh didn't have any screen time. Yes, he's still a big, dumb bitch we just didn't have a chance to see it this episode. 

Aneesa's decision doesn't mean anything

I know people will get on Aneesa for sucking ass during the Challenge. She kept stopping and walking and her and Fessy finished last. She said 'it's not the final, we both have skulls so who cares?' That's valid. Finishing last doesn't mean you go into the elimination so you can coast if you feel safe. There was no reason to think they were getting thrown in and who really wants to run 5 miles? Also if Fessy really wanted to he could have carried that capsule by himself unless he's got popcorn muscles. Aneesa's been solid in eliminations her entire career the question is can she do a final. I'm still trying to figure it out and I think it's smart she's with Fessy for now and ideally right before the Final gets someone who works better with her. 

Power Rankings


11. Mechie

10. Nam

9. Josh

8. Leroy

7. Jay

6. Cory

5. Darrell

4. Kyle

3. Devin

2. CT

1. Fessy


10. Gabby

9. Amber B

8. Nany

7. Amber M

6. Big T

5. Lolo

4. Aneesa

3. Kam

2. Theresa

1. Kaycee

Team Rankings

Cory is a rogue agent

10. Mechie/Amber M.

9. Nam/Lolo

8. Josh/Nany

7. Darrell/Amber B

6. Devin/Gabby

5. CT/Big T

4. Leroy/Kaycee

3. Aneesa/Fessy

2. Jay/Theresa

1. Kyle/Kam