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Conor McGregor Hilariously Spots Max Holloway Skateboarding Past One Of His Interviews

What a hilarious moment here, as Conor McGregor spotted former opponent/rival Max Holloway just casually skatin by one of his interviews yesterday. So perfectly Max, too - just hangin loose on a board in Abu Dhabi, makin himself right at home on the island? Gotta love that guy.

I think everything is just made funnier by that Conor McGregor Irish accent, as well. I hear a one of those lads laughin, I'm laughin. That shit is incredibly contagious. 

Hopefully McGregor/Holloway get to run it back one day, too - I know Max's venture to lightweight didn't do much for him versus Poirier, and McGregor DEFINITELY can't make featherweight anymore, but much like this Poirier rematch - I just think it's a matchup that is so so so intriguing once again.