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Collin Sexton Just Took Down The Nets New Superteam By Himself

What, you thought the Brooklyn Nets were some sort of unbeatable superteam? That Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden were going to join forces and run through the league? Nobody apparently told that to Collin Sexton. On the same night the team paid tribute to Kyrie, the guy wearing his number and his shoes just had the game of his life

First it was his prayer to force double overtime right in Kyrie's face

What an insane shot. Just when it looked like the Cavs were going to let this slip, Sexton hits that shot. Huge moment but in reality it was just a preview of what was soon to come. Because once things got into double overtime, well then Collin Sexton went nuclear

I told you guys a long time ago to pay attention to what Collin Sexton is doing in Cleveland

the man has been playing some unreal basketball for the last like 50 games. Not quite at this level, but it just goes to show you what he's capable of. Hopefully you're lucky enough to have ever experienced that level of being in the zone on a basketball court. There's no feeling like it. Sure you weren't nailing threes in Kyrie's face but that one time you got hot in your men's league was pretty awesome. It's pure bliss. 

For the Nets….I mean yikes guys. Where's the defense? Giving up 140+ to a Cavs team is not exactly how I imagine they thought this superteam era would start. I'm sure it'll be OK and nobody will get frustrated.

Seriously though, Collin Sexton is turning himself into quite the player and a game like this against a team like that is a big deal.