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The BFFs Not Knowing Who Dave Matthews Is Has Me Stunned. Speechless. Without Words.

🚨🚨🚨 Brace yourselves. The following clip is both jarring and shocking. Be warned. 🚨🚨🚨


I am stunned. Absolutely stunned. Speechless. Without words. I understand not recognizing Dave's face- I suck at facial recognition to the point where I think I have a disease where my brain simply does not possess the ability to recognize people. And so I give them a pass for not knowing Dave's face. But to never even have heard his name before??? When Brianna asked "what does he do?" and followed it up with a stunned "He's a SINGER???", I started packing my belongings so I could move to the old folks home before it's too late.

To never even have heard "Ants Marching" before?!?!?! I Like, I wasn't alive for Led Zeppelin or The Who or *insert huge band from the past here*, but I still know their biggest songs. Is the new generation too busy playing their video games and doing Tik Tok dances to know who Dave Matthews is? He sells out stadiums around the globe for Pete's sake. Played to a zillion people in Central Park! 



You know what I realize I blame? Kids these days never having AIM. They never saw their friends have lyrics in their buddy profile or away message that they had to look up. They never had a friend have "~Celebrate we will cause life is short by sweet for certain~" in their profile and then a list of their best friends initials underneath it.

But still, that's nary an excuse for not knowing Dave. Sigh. I thought he was generational too. Maybe this is just another slap in the face, wake up call from the world that I am old. I'm 32. That's not even old but I guess they don't play DMB, Sublime, OAR, and the like at college parties anymore. I guess it's all Little Yachty these days. Sigh. As the wise philosopher Mark Hoppus once said, "I guess this is growing up". Oh my god, no chance they know who that is either. FUCKKKKKKKKK.