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What In The World Are The Colts Going To Do At Quarterback?

Ooooof. Chris Ballard is one hell of a GM, but it doesn't matter if you're fucking Ozzie Newsome or Bill Polian, having four different starters at QB in four consecutive years is TOUGH. 

I mentioned Ballard being a hell of a GM. Here's what he's done so far since he was hired to take over in Indianapolis in January of 2017: 


-Quenton Nelson, Darius Leonard, Nyheim Hines, Braden Smith, Khari Willis, Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman Jr., and Julian Blackmon. 

Essentially he got DeForest Buckner with the 13th overall pick in the 2020 draft after trading that first-rounder to San Fran to the beast up front. In more simpler terms: 

Everyone besides Ryan Kelly has been under the direction of Chris Ballard. From day one of his tenure he talked about (back then) how it's never about "one guy (Andrew Luck)" and that he was going to build a team. Well, he's done that. The Colts have an identity. Fly around on defense with young playmakers, and be physical upfront able to run the ball. 

But now the question remains the same it was when he took over - what the hell are they going to do at quarterback?

Jacoby Brissett is a free agent. Will he want to walk to test the waters or stay here where he is familiar and maybe get another shot at the starting job? The only problem with this is we saw a full slate of Jacoby in 2019 after Andrew Luck retired. Indy crumbled down the stretch and missed the playoffs after starting 5-2. Flashes? Sure. But is he the guy taking you to the Super Bowl? 

What about Jacob Eason? Spent a 4th round pick on him in the 2020 draft. Big kid. Huge arm. Will have good pass protection in front of him. One would think that pairing him with an offensive mind like Frank Reich would certainly help his development, but my Indy friends, are you comfortable with Jacob Eason being your hope to lead you to the promised land with this roster?

Will they trade for Carson Wentz or Matthew Stafford? Ballard took a big money flyer on Philip Rivers this last year and they fell short again. Can Wentz be reincarnated with his former OC in Frank Reich? 

How about the draft? Picking at 21in the first round. Indy has seven draft picks in this year's draft and if they wanted someone badly enough they could package some of 2022 to move up, but there is nothing - I mean absolutely nothing - Chris Ballard loves more than his draft picks. 

There's just so many questions. They have a roster that Chris Ballard wanted, but look who is playing this weekend. Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Josh Allen. Until you get your guy it doesn't matter how good and complete your roster is, you aren't going to wind up where you want to be in the end. 

I just hope for my Indy folks that Chris Ballard realizes that and makes a move to get his guy before the rest of the roster is slowly wasted away.