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No Matter How Old And Fat I Get, I Still Consider Myself An Athlete

So we talked about a million things on the latest episode of Fore Play but the most important one, in my opinion, was whether or not we all still consider ourselves athletes. True or not, my answer was a resounding yes and I truly believe that. When it all goes away: Twitter, instagram, comments and I'm just laying in bed staring at the ceiling and I think to myself, "Am I still an athlete?" my answer is yes. It doesn't matter how many layers of fat, sugar, booze, drugs and an overall sedentary lifestyle I've added over the years. In my head, I can still do 90% of what I could do in my athletic prime.

I don't think I'm still at the level I was at during my high school football years but I think I'm pretty close 

(one of the main reasons for blogging this topic was to bump that video to the top of the feed)

Am I delusional? Probably. I'm also capable of thinking two things at the same time. Like yes, I do still consider myself a pretty good athlete, but deep down I also know that I'd die instantly if I tried to play one snap of football. The answers from the rest of the guys were a wide range (Frankie thinks he's an athlete now that he's played in one (1) roller hockey game and Lurch still thinks he can make the senior Tour one day) but we all came to the same conclusion, yes we are athletes. People will likely disagree with that but I'd be willing to bet a lot of our listeners feel the exact same way about themselves when they're staring at the ceiling right before they fall asleep. You just never wanna give that part of yourself up. Ever. I'll be thinking this way until I'm dead.

We talked about that along with a breakdown of the Tiger documentary, our thoughts on Ralph Lauren dropping Justin Thomas, a full discussion about the mysterious Lido Club and much much more. Enjoy!