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If This Lady Was Really Fired From Taco Bell For Being An AVN-Nominated Pornstar Then I Hope She Wins All the Money And Free Tacos For Life



GFM - My name is Lonna Wells. You may know me from adult entertainment sites or just as a friend or my social media presence. I am a content creator and a cam performer. I took a job at my local Taco Bell to make ends meet during this pandemic and to have something to replace the shoots that were cancelled due to covid-19. During my interview, I was very up front about the work that I did and had been doing since 2017. I was very thorough about doing adult work on the internet and about why I was needing the job. A little over a week later, a disgruntled employee filed a complaint with my manager. She used religion and christianity to push adult work like I was Satan in a drive thru window. Where I live at in Arkansas, we are still considered the Bible belt and this type of work is frowned upon. After a week to a week and a half of being employed, I received a phone call 30 minutes before clock in time that I was let go. After asking why, it was explained that they thought having me work for them would be bad for business and let me know that there was a complaint made. 


If this is true, if 2x AVN nominated actress Lonna Wells was indeed fired from her job at Taco Bell because of her past in porn, then I think Taco Bell needs to pay up and pay up big. Money, a lifetime supply of tacos, or both, as well as an apology and maybe they can send me some coupons too, I don't know, just spit balling here. Because you cannot go around firing public servants like porn stars just because they like to get their pussies pounded on camera in their free time. That's their business, not mine, not yours, not anyone's. 

When you look back on the long history of the United States, it's safe to say porn is the foundation of this country. Without porn there is no USA. It's porn, coffee, and alcohol. The three pillars of this nation. And this was a great time for Taco Bell to make a statement and say hey, we stand with our porn stars in the US of A. 

Taco Bell should have said "We are aware of our employee Lonna Wells and her filmography including classics such as 'Milf Self Sucks Soapy Feet' and 'Did She Really FUCK A TOILET PLUNGER?!?'. As long as she is not sucking soapy feet nor fucking toilet plungers in the drive-thru, she has done no wrong and will continue to work at our restaurant."

But here's where it gets tricky: Taco Bell did release a statement and they claim she was terminated for breaking other rules.


NYP - Taco Bell later issued a statement claiming that Wells had been fired due to a violation of the store’s “policies and procedures.”

“Taco Bell team members come from diverse backgrounds and experiences and all are welcome into the Taco Bell family,” the statement reads.

“This former team member worked for a franchise location and the franchisee has informed us that the accusations made are not accurate and that she was instead terminated for violation of their policies and procedures.”


A good ol' he said, she said. Was she fired for her past life of on screen passion? Or was she a shitty Taco Bell employee fired for cause? It better be the latter, because the second we start firing the star of "Peppermint Stick Mukbang BJ Simulation", that's when this country is really in trouble.