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I'm Starting To Think Coach K Wanted Every Team In The Country To Make The NCAA Tournament Because He Knew Duke Sucked

Listen, I'm going to do the unthinkable here, well at least close to it. I was ready to give Coach K credit about getting ahead of the story that Duke sucked. But then he quit and let them quit and instead they are just another sad story in college hoops. Hilarious looking back on this press release talking about the safety of the players and getting every team in the country to play when Duke just stopped playing games. That's Coach K though. The biggest hypocrite in college basketball. Says he hates one-and-dones, only recruits them now. Talks about how he cares about his players health and following CDC guidelines, does exactly what the CDC says not to do. Talks about sportsmanship, gets caught on camera lying about scolding opposing players. Just a grade A dickhead, which everyone should be able to admit. Look, I can be honest. Best coach in college hoops history? Yeah, probably. Biggest dickhead in the game? Without a doubt. 

But I think he may have been on to something here. I know I preached this Duke team was overrated coming into the year. Proof? I wrote this in December: 

They have two separate lineups that are just impossible to blend right now. They have a defensive lineup and an offensive lineup. It's almost like they have to go with a legit football lineup to get there.

That's still true! Even with Jalen Johnson coming back, they don't have the right blend of players. Matthew Hurt, great offensive player, can't guard a commenter. Wendell Moore? Good defender, shoots 27% from three. The list goes on and on. That's why Duke ran a zone against Pitt, which didn't even work. They still gave up 31 and 14 to Justin Champagnie, who probably should be ACC Player of the Year. Shit, just look at their stats. The only thing they do well and grade out as good in is rebounding, running teams off the 3pt line and that's it. They are average in a couple other stats and then bad in a lot. 

That said, this video of K losing his fucking shit on the Cameron Crazies last year is even funnier after losing to Capel, the first time a former player beat him

Fucking lunatic. 

Also, spare me the 'but Duke is 5-4! They have a winning record!' Any team that played Duke's schedule should have a winning record. They've beaten Coppin State (330rd), Bellarmine (233rd), Notre Dame (86th), Boston College (92nd) and Wake Forest (127th). Gross.

PS: This is how Kentucky would get in and get hot in the NCAA Tournament. Beat you to it. 

PPS: I need this prop bet more than I need air