Dave Grohl Had His Surgeon Come On Stage At Fenway To Sing Seven Nation Army





Wonder if this guy ever thought he was going to be a rock star, bringing down the house at baseball’s most famous park?


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.51.22 PM




When I saw the headline I thought it was funny but I assumed that Dr Lew Schon was at least a normal looking dude. Once the video started playing I knew it was liquid gold. Imagine seeing this Rick Moranis looking dude climb up on stage and just start belting out Seven Nation Army (a song I’m very sick of as every stadium in America sings it, but Doc actually made it entertaining). Go to a Foo Fighters show at Fenway and have a Revenge of the Nerds karaoke performance break out. That’s enough to get anybody rocking in their seats. Jew fro, bow tie, and all the swag in the world.