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The Barstool Gaming League Is Upon Us And The Draft Is LIVE NOW #BGL

Let's cook.  Welcome to the #BGL Draft Spectacular.  This Thursday will be 3 weeks of competition in the name of all things glory.  Barstool personalities can play on the team and be the streamer or can have Stoolies representing them. The teams can change week to week and sub in new people if necessary to work around any scheduling conflicts. 

Each week will be Warzone trios with a K/D cap of 9. One person on each team MUST be streaming for the broadcast.

Gametime: General Smitty

HooliganZ: Balls

Pardon My Take: Hank & PFT

KFC Radio: KFC 

Foreplay: Frankie

Spittin' Chiclets: Grinnell

Zero Blog 30: Kate

LCB: Jeff & Kenjac

Barstool Chicago: White Sox Dave

Starting 9: The Rocket

The Rats: Dana & Marty

My Mom's Basement: Robbie


Placement Scoring:

1st place: 25 Points

Top 2: 20 points

Top 3: 15 Points

Top 4: 10 Points

Top 7: 7 Points

Top 10: 4 Points

Top 15: 2 Points

Top 20: 1 Point

Each Elim = 1 Point

-The top 3 games are counted during the 3-hour time limit.

-Each week based on how the teams place against the 12 other teams, they will be given points. Weekly scoring:

1st place = 10 points

2nd place = 9 points

3rd place = 8 points


11th & 12th = 0 Points

-The bottom two teams in overall placing are eliminated each week.

-The points awarded will stay the same each week despite teams being eliminated, so week 2 the last place team will score 1 point. Then in week 3 in the custom lobby, the points will stay the same and the last place team will score 2 points.

-Tie-breakers are decided by eliminations in the 3 games that are counted.


Each week, the bottom 2 teams in rankings will be sent home from the tournament. So in week 2, it's not the bottom 2 teams that week, it's the bottom 2 teams based on their ranking over the 2 weeks.


Reverse boosting is banned and if we find strong evidence that reverse boosting has taken place, we have the right to eliminate the player from the tournament and strip the points awarded to that team that week. The team can still compete but will need to replace the player. 

Prize: **Eternal glory/Immortality**