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Wake Up With "Deep Cover" From Dr. Dre And Snoop Doggy Dogg

This 1992 song from the DEEP COVER soundtrack is the first time Snoop ever appeared on a record or in a video and he makes a hell of a first impression. I watched the video included on the VHS tape after the movie and was mesmerized by this lanky unknown with the distinct flow (Dre kills it on this song as well but I was already familiar with his exploits via N.W.A). Snoop was brand new to audiences and you could tell right away that he was the real deal. By the end of the year, the duo would star on an album that changed rap history forever. 

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But the Snoop and Dre collab started here, on the DEEP COVER soundtrack. While we're here, DEEP COVER is a very good, underrated drug thriller from the '90s. Jeff Goldblum and Larry Fishburne are excellent.

Have a great week everyone.