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Nick Mercs X Barstool Sportsbook Is Officially Happening

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Barstool! whats going on today man listennnnn, in todays blog we have have a very important announcement, Nick Mercs is hopping on board the pirate ship as a brand ambassador to promote the Barstool Sportsbook!

For those of you that don't follow gaming or have been living under a rock for the last few years, when it comes to streaming and gaming content creation Nick Mercs is THE guy. He streams 5 times a week, 8+ hours a day to anywhere from 40,000 -100,000 people. He has 15+ million followers on all platforms, loves football & UFC and he fits the Barstool demographic to a T. His dad was a coach at Michigan & he grew up there + lives there currently so this partership makes perfect sense (This is is house/gaming studio for reference) 

If you know Nick already you know how big this is for Barstool. Before the lockdown I didn't play video games at all so I didn't follow any streamers or really know anything about the twitch/gaming community. Once Corona happened and I got hooked playing Warzone everyday I naturally started to seek out more Warzone content and at the suggestion of TJ (the biggest MFAM member who works at Barstool) I checked out Nicks videos and became hooked. There are plenty of gamers who are exceptionally good at the game but Nick is one of the only people I've seen who is unreal good at Warzone but also really funny, interactive & makes every stream an event. I watch his Youtube videos all the time and would be hard pressed to find one where I didn't laugh out loud at least once. Not because of the game play itself necessarily but because of the interactions he has with his teammates and the ridiculous, outlandish conversations he gets into. It's hard to describe exactly why hes so likeable and engaging in the same way it's hard to describe exactly why Dave, Big Cat, PFT etc are so likeable and engaging but that's why this partnership is perfect, because they just are. This is my personal favorite video of his, again i'm not exactly sure why but it makes me nearly cry laughing every time I watch it

When you talk about Warzone and gaming, He's as irreplaceable as it gets.

Nick is going to have some custom bets and be doing some charity streams with us in the future so make sure you keep an eye out, here is Nick on stream talking about the partnership

Just another big day for Barstool on it's way to the moon. Super excited to see the MFAM & Stoolie nation come together, Stay tuned