Emergency We Gotta Believe: Cuncel Da Porter

New ownership be damned, no one does scandal and dysfunction like the New York Mets. Almost a year to the date of the Beltran firing, Jared Porter has been relieved of his duties as general manager. The creepy former GM sent SIXTY TWO text messages to a foreign reporter back in 2016. The story did not break in 2017 at her request, but all that matters now is that it came to light. Included in the texts were pictures of his hotel room, dinner, selfies and of course pics of his junk. Porter didn't deny any of the allegations and instead apologized and brushed it off as a joke, saying he used stock images as opposed to real ones for the lewd photos. 

Psychopath moves all around and Uncle Stevie was having none of it. Just 9 hours after the news broke, Steve Cohen announced on Twitter that he will not stand for any of it and told him to hit the road. Zack Scott, the teams second choice for GM and current assistant GM is the early favorite to take over and hopefully put all this mess behind us once and for all. The names and faces can change, but the team remains. Uncle Stevie is striving for cultural shift and in order to do that you can't have cancers in the clubhouse. We gotta believe that this is a blip on the road to redemption for the franchise and that it will be run as a tight ship from here on out.

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