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Season 3 Of "The Boys" Will Have A Storyline Called "HEROGASM" That Everyone Was Daring Them To Do



I don't know what it means and I will not look it up and spoil it for myself. But I do know that if the exact quote from the showrunner is "From day one, everyone dared me to make this episode. CHALLENGE MET MOTHERFUCKERS”, than I cannot be more fucking excited. 

The Boys, if you have not seen it, is one of the best shows going right now, if not THE best. I'd still put "Dave" as my favorite new show of 2020, but The Boys (which actually came out in 2019 but I didn't watch til 2020 so it still counts) is mighty close. I'm hesitant to write any spoilers because if you are one of those people that continually put shows off out of laziness (shout out to me, I do this all the time), get your ass in line and start season 1 tonight, you will not regret it for a second.

So what does "Herogasm" mean???? Is it a new superhero? Is it a superpower? A superhero orgy scene where they all cum at the same time creating a nuclear bomb sized explosion of energy? That's my guess, actually. Homelander cums so fucking hard the city blows up and they have to cover it up. I mean we already had this scene, so let's fucking dial this up to a zillion



So who knows what we are in store for, my friends. Well I guess the people who read the comics know, but the rest of us are waiting to find out.

And I will repeat myself, if you haven't done so, go watch The Boys. Or rewatch it if you aren't a buffoon and have already done a viewing. I don't know when season 3 will drop, but all I know is I'm going to have a bloggergasm when it does. Ew. Gross. 


PS: I love that they went to the week-to-week drop for the back half of season 2. It worked perfectly. The amount of buzz the show generated during the week and being able to actually look forward to a new episode instead of binging them all in 1 night and being done with them was a wonderful change of pace. I'm back in on weekly drops. Give me something to live for and look forward to.