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How To Catch A Catfish With Your Bare Hands (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

I didn't grow up a huge catfish guy per se but that certainly won't stop me from appreciating every second of this video. Like even though the deep sea fishing crew probably gets all the girls and the competitive freshwater scene is way more fun. But pound for pound - literally - noodling catfish is the most exhilarating way to capture fish and I don't even know if there's a 2nd place. This is some prehistoric expertise here guys. 

Once it bites up to your elbow, go ahead and bring in the other hand for support 

Normally you learn fishing lessons with a broken line or lost lure. But in this case it's a severely damaged rotator cuff and a whole lot of lost pride. Any time you want to raise the stakes like this, I'm all in. It may not be my arm in the water next time but you better fucking believe I can pack a cooler for the guys doing the actual noodling. That's called Playing To Your Strengths and it comes highly recommended. 

Elsewhere, I want to thank the fishing community for giving me a chance to learn the blocking and tackling. After another morning in the boat with Chaps, I'm starting to get pretty comfortable with the rod & reel. Even if it's time for an upgrade: 

I didn't get it on the scale but intuition says that was north of 15 pounds. Not bad for a couple beginners which reminds me. 

Chaps and I will be back in the boat this Friday morning at 10am central. We're in the boat every Tuesday & Friday hustling fish and being idiots. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to join us. Follow here