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Happy 29th Birthday In Heaven To The Legend Mac Miller

The first celebrity death that got me good.

I always wondered as a kid who my version of my dad's favorite artists or bands would be. "Who will I show to my kids one day?" I'd ask myself every now and then all the while I was listening to the guy who would be just that. 

He was the soundtrack of my high school and college experience. My coming of age. Every time I put on Mac, which is most days, his shit still never fails to make me feel good, to smile, to bring back great memories. Not a weekend would go by when the pregame, the drive to a party, or a get-together itself would feature the smooth sounds of Mac Miller. 

The best part about Mac was that, yes you could put him on at a party and get the place jumpin', but he was really even better when you were walking through campus, studying alone, or just needed some soothing music in the background. It still makes me sad that we won't get to see an artist like him continue to do what he does best and grow up with us, but I always find satisfaction remembering that one day I'll be able to hopefully say "here son, check this out" and put on "The Spins" or "Objects In The Mirror" or "Blue World" really any of his music and enjoy it with them the same way I did 20 years before. 

RIP Mac, and happy birthday. We miss you today and everyday.