Never Gets Old - College Basketball Player Drills A Free Throw To Win A Full Scholarship, Gets Mobbed By Teammates

Legit question here, what happens if he missed? Do they just keep filming until he makes one? That sort of takes away the whole thing of this right? Also how nervous are you if you are Jamaal Walker stepping to the line here? You gotta have in the back of your head if you miss you somehow only get a half scholarship or something. Instead, takes the dribble and drains it. Nails. 

Jamaal Walker is a redshirt freshman and even better he grew up in Chattanooga. There's something about a kid who is from the area, getting a scholarship from his hometown school. Shit, he's even the first player in like 8 years to be from Chattanooga and play for the Mocs. Love when things like that work out. You'll also never be as happy as his teammates in this moment too. Look at them on the sidelines when the coach starts the buildup routine: 

They are giddy as hell and that's before he drills the free throw. Although whatever guy yells 'no pressure' is an asshole. No pressure? No kidding no pressure! A scholarship is on the line, guy. 

I always love these videos. I said it before that they are starting to be like dunk videos where they happen all the time and people start to become immune to it, but they get me every time. I got a soft spot for walk-ons. These are dudes who could be playing at a low-major or a D2 level and be damn good. They were All-State type players in high school and work their ass off in practice just for the hope of playing a minute or two in a blowout. So for one day they get to be the star. That's what makes college sports so fucking awesome. 

Sports man. They always deliver.