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Take A Second To Roast Kylie Jenner For Her Shitty Water Pressure

Dimitrios Kambouris. Getty Images.


Kylie Jenner. Model, actress, businesswoman, BILLIONAIRE. Her rental house in Apsen? $450,000 per week. Followers on Instagram? 210 million. Her water pressure though?




What the fuck is that, Kylie Jenner, a shower for ants?!? I've seen stronger water pressure in commercials where all the kids have cleft lip. 

What a sight to be seen. One second you think the Jenner family has it all- all the diamonds, the riches, anything they want on a moment's notice. If Kylie wants to eat tacos with Wagyu beef, she eats tacos with Wagyu beef. But if she wants to take a warm shower she is shit out of luck. 



So hey. Maybe you aren't worth a billion dollars. Maybe you don't drive 6 figure cars or have millions of dollars in a shoebox in your bedroom. But I bet you do have better water pressure than Kylie Jenner.