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We Have An All-Time Goalie Meltdown Coming Out Of Kazakhstan


Typically you see a goalie lose his shit like this and when you take a look at the scoreboard, it's a 10-0 ass kicking. But our guy over here is going full Captain Insano after giving up a powerplay goal to tie the game 1-1 in the 2nd period?

What a maniac. 

What's he even so pissed about in the first place? Sure, #8 ended up looking like a turnstile out there. But enough to launch your stick at multiple teammates and then try to bash in a window all because you gave up 1 goal? This dude is out of his mind. It's not even like he's on a shitty team he's just trying to weasel his way out of either. I just checked the league page for this team and they're in 2nd place. 

Goalies, man. They're all sick bastards.