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Devastating News As Diletta Leotta Is Reportedly Off The Market And Dating 'The New Sex Symbol Of Turkish TV'


Just devastating news today as my No. 1 and the lovely Diletta Leotta is officially off the market. I, like many others, am completely crushed by the news. As the world's leader in blogging about Diletta this is just a direct shot to the heart. She saved us last year when Frank the Tank tried to cancel Lent on us. 

We led the Internet in wishing her a happy birthday! 

I thought that might have been my chance. Guess I just missed the part where I have to be the 'new sex symbol on Turkish TV' like this yahoo Can Yaman. Other than that I don't see a difference between the two of us. Both have dark hair (when I had hair). Both of us have a beard. We both have a jaw and white shirt. What's so good looking about this guy? 

I've often heard people call me the new sex symbol of college basketball blogging on a smut site. You'd think that'd be good enough for one of the most beautiful people in the world. 2021 just ain't the same I guess. The crazy thing is this dude is the winner over Zlatan. Yep, the same Zlatan you're thinking about, who was reportedly linked to Diletta. 

She shut that down pretty quickly. I don't have anything against this Can guy except for him winning the human lottery of being rich, famous and allegedly good looking. All I can do now is put on a brave face, blog and pretend to be happy for the new couple.