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Kansas Back Doors Baylor Thanks To A Walk On And A Banked In Three

Any backdoor is gross. It’s an awful feeling for anyone on the losing side. It puts irresponsible gamblers on tilt. Responsible gamblers are left with an awful pit in their stomach....but this one from Kansas? One of the worst beats of 2021 and it may stay that way for awhile. 

The guy who shot it? Chris Teahan. A walk-on senior from Kansas. In a situation like that, you may just catch the ball and let the clock run out. Take the L and go home. Probably what a starter would’ve done. Don’t wanna fuck up the FG percentage for the year. But not Chris Teahan. The walk on shot it. Not only did he shoot it, it had absolutely no shot of going in. If you tracked the spin rate, velocity, and arch of the shot it would’ve given you a 1% chance of going in. Maybe less. What happens? Banks in. Plus he traveled.

If you had Baylor tonight, I’m sorry. You deserve better.