RA's Gambling Corner Feat. Murls Is Here With The Monday Picks

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Anytime a team gets smoked 8-0, gives up 5 PPGs, and has the #1 goalie pulled, I'm on them next game regardless of how good or bad they are. And that's what happened to the Blues last game vs. Colorado. Personal pride will take over in tonight's tilt vs. the Sharks and the Blues will respond in kind. So we are heavily riding the Blues in regulation -0.5 -115. To clarify, this means the Blues have to win the game in regulation time. If it goes to OT, it's a loser. Fuck laying -200 because I don't see this going to OT.

That's it. I know there are eight games tonight. But again, betting every game is a recipe for finishing in the red. Tonight, we're loading up on one play.

Good luck to all.

Friend of Spittin' Chiclets, son of The Capital District, and 17-year pro Matt Murley will also be sharing his picks here as well.

San Jose @ St. Louis (-170) (PL +140)

Murls Take: I haven’t seen a beating like that since someone put a banana in my pants and sent a monkey loose. This must have been the joke around the room after that beating the Blues took at the hands of the Avalanche. But with the Chief behind the bench the Blues will bounce back and having a Sharks team that is looking to find its form coming to town is a great chance. The boys will come out with some vinegar and prove that blow-out was a loss to a team that should be in contention for the west. O’Reilly is a leader and will get the team motivated to win. I don’t seem this being close as the Sharks have been on the road for a while and should be tired.  

Murls Pick: St. Louis 5-1

Murleys Best Bet: We are going to start the week with 2 bets on the Blues, Blues in regulation -133 and Blues PL -1.5 +140.