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What Is The BEST Food Court Restaurant?

ICYMI we did a bracket of the best food court restaurants on the last episode of LCB. A Trillballins design, I do have a few issues wit the seedings. I think Sbarro and Charley's Philly Steaks could have been left off the board. They are iconic food court institutions, but they were getting swept no matter who they went up against. I would have preferred maybe a Jamba Juice or even a Chick-fil-A (They hit different in a mall and that's a fact) should have made their way in instead. That said, let's take a quick look at how it went down:


#1 Auntie Anne's/Wetzels vs #4 Sbarro: This was the easiest wash in history. They both get points for being mall institutions, but the quality of Auntie Anne's (I've never been to a Wetzels) is FAR beyond that of Sbarro. 

#2 Great American Cookie/Mrs. Fields vs #3 Panda Express: Panda Express being a 3 seed was kind of insulting. I aways liked the smell of the cookie place, but my parents never let me go because they thought it was too unhealthy. They would, however, let me gorge myself at chinese food places like Panda Express. Makes perfect sense, really. Panda barely advanced off the backs of me and Jeff's love for cuisine. 


#1 Cinnabon vs #4 Nathan's Famous: Another battle of iconic institutions, this came down to versatility to me. Cinnabon is delicious but it makes you feel like total shit after. Insert the L*uis CK bit here. Nathan's ALSO makes you feel bad, but they have those delicious fries and amazing hot dogs. 

#2 Sarku vs #3 Charley's Philly Steaks: The kings of the free sample game, there was never a situation where I wasn't voting Sarku in every round. I've never had Charley's but it always looks NOT GOOD. 


#1 Auntie Anne's/Wetzels vs #3 Panda Express: Another battle to the death, Trill actually swayed me over to the Auntie Anne's team for one simple reason. I now associate Panda Express with freestanding buildings just as much as malls now. Auntie Anne's is a STRICTLY mall place in my brain, so it gets the slight edge. 

#4 Nathan's Famous vs #2 Sarku: Again, easy win for Sarku here (to me, anyway) based on the free sample game, food court association and versatility. I understand voting the other way, though. 


#1 Auntie Anne's/Wetzels vs #2 Sarku: As a big fan of both institutions, this one hurt. Trill and Jeff both voted AA so I voted Sarky to give them the dues they are owed. What I will say is that if you walk up to anyone on the street and say "Name a food place you find in a mall", 9/10 will probably say Auntie Anne's first.

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