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Are Grown Men Wearing Panda Heads At Baseball Games Good Fans Or Huge Weirdos?

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We all make fun of people over the age of 16 who bring their gloves to the game. We make fun of people who dress up in full uniform and keep score during the game. But somehow we are giving these grown ass men who dress up in panda costumes a free pass. They’re on camera every fucking second during the game. Furry here, there, everywhere. It’s deplorable. I woke up in a sweat last night thinking they were going to kidnap me and force me to watch Hunter Pence misplay more routine fly balls and then praise him for jumping into the wall for no reason. Furries have no place in baseball. The grown men who dress up as a panda as homage to diabetic overrated fatty are insulting to Earth’s intelligence. If aliens decided to come down and try to make peace, they would see we are allowing citizens of our world wear panda suits to watch multimillionaires play a game and they would laugh in our faces before colonizing us. Less furries at professional sporting events. Please and thank you.


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