Netflix's Narcos Looks Like the Best Show In the History of Earth




Here is a fact. I love drug lords and drug lord movies. I love everything about them. Like the biggest cock tease in the history of cock teases was when Medellian was only a fake movie they were making on Entourage and not the real thing. I’ve been foaming at the mouth for a Pablo Escobar movie for like 2 decades now. I was blogging about it back in Manzo’s first tour of duty with us. So mark my words. I’m going to set the land speed record for the fastest consumption of an entire Netflix sries when Narcos drops on August 28th. I’m gonna pre order a ton of pizza and Chinese food and just marathon the shit out of this. Can’t wait. Without seeing a second of it I already know it’s the best show in the history of TV.   Pablo Escobar puts asses in the seats period.  The fact it took this long is mind boggling, but better late than never.