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Tom Thibodeau Saying 'I'm Not Happy Unless I'm Miserable' After Kicking The Celtics Ass On His Birthday Is Classic Thibs

A nice little Sunday for Coach Thibs. Kick the Celtics ass, celebrate your birthday, have the group of guys you have playing their ass off sing Happy Birthday to you, drop the quote of the year. 'I'm not happy, unless I'm miserable.' That's just classic Thibs. The guy went years without laughing and smiling. The same man who had this look

How can't you be happy about this? 

One quarter of a team scoring over 20 points. Randle dropping 20/12, Quickley getting 17 and 8, RJ Barrett with 19 and 11 and even Obi Toppin getting into double digits. Is this team good? I have no idea, but they are fun as shit. Thibs has the boys flying around defensively, Kenny Payne turned Julius Randle into an All-Star and Immanuel Quickley looks like the steal of the draft. Not too shabby! 

You think he cares about his birthday? Nope. He was ready to get back in the office and start breaking down tape while crushing what I assume is some wings with extra sauce. He just seems like an extra sauce kinda guy so it gets all over his face and then he does the tongue clean up before using the wet wipe. That's Thibs, love him as the Knicks coach for now while all the guys still have their legs.