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Betsy’s Diner is a 50's diner located in the Heart of Falmouth center in Cape Cod. Thanks to quality food, service with a smile and a touch of nostalgia, it’s no wonder the establishment has become a local favorite.



Reader Email

Dear Mr. Portnoy

I have been following your passionate support for the restaurant industry and small businesses. It is a breath of fresh air to hear the simple summation of how our industry and small businesses are in a disaster state in which our Government simply does not care or comprehend what it’s like to go without, during the crisis this pandemic has caused for us. Again, simply they have not missed a paycheck since it all started and they don’t care about the urgency of simple action on their end, that will allow us to cope with their decisions!

I am 59 years old with 9 Grandchildren and have never felt so vulnerable in my life!
I own Betsy Diner located on 457 Main Street, Falmouth, MA (Cape Cod). We are a Family run Traditional 50s Diner serving Breakfast and Lunch 7 days a week! Betsy’s Diner is a landmark in this community and has been serving Falmouth and its tourists for 30 years. We are open year round and can be found on Any search on social media!

Betsy’s was built in 1958 and was originally serving customers in Pennsylvania for 34 years under the name of the “Peter Pan Diner" prior to being shipped off to its new location in Falmouth and renamed. I have personally put in all my life savings, as I know so many others like me have done and now we Fight with the Optimism to survive to the Spring of 2021.

I have invested in outdoor dining when we were giving the green light to open in June by the State of Mass , I invested in the 6 by 6 plexi glass in between each booth inside, and adhere to all the COVID standards that are required to keep customers safe!

My staff which are on live payroll thru Paychecks Payroll Service, account number is -
under “New England Culinary Traditions Group “(which I am 100% Owner). My Staff are scared , I am scared, because everything is unknown except, for doing what it takes to try to survive to the Spring!


I just want to pay the overhead to get through this ,I even started a go fund me 3 weeks ago and basically put aside my Pride. The Go fund me is set up so that all donations will be matched with a gift card from Betsy’s to be used after 6/1/21 with no expiration date, dollar for dollar, but it is not where I need it to be. 

I am an owner that is cooking 7 days a week and if I could get the overhead paid I can continue to take each day for what it brings to survive through the next phase! Betsy’s seats 100 Patrons inside and 32 for outdoor dining which is now closed due to the weather!

Anything you can do to help us would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
Kaz Keuchkarian (Owner)