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The Chargers Have Hired......Brandon Staley?

This is NOT the guy I expected, and I don't really think I know how to feel? In just his first year as a defensive coordinator with the rams, they ranked #1 in passing defense

and #3 in rushing defense 

So that is pretty exciting I guess. Although, you do have to note that he did so with arguably the best defensive player in the league as well as Jalen Ramsey. He will have Bosa and Derwin James on the Chargers, but still. 

Overall, this is kind of a bummer. The one thing I was really hoping was that the team would hire an offensive ace that could take OROY Justin Herbert to the next level. Maybe this choice shows that ownership has more faith in the offensive side of the ball, specifically Herbert, than the defensive, which I understand. It just scares me that it may fuck up is growth and he will fizzle out. My hope is that he knows the areas where he isn't strong and maybe they make sure to get a top flight OC to replace Shane Steichen. I'm also curious to see who he brings in as a DC now that Gus Bradley is on the Raiders. 

Most importantly, I'm just hoping that this dude knows about the general concept of time. That would be a huge plus for this franchise. 

He looks to me like a guy that loves math, so here's hoping.