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I Really Respect Sean Payton For Blatantly Ripping Off The Chicago Bears

I’m not mad I’m honestly just shocked the Bears are capable of drawing up something good enough for Sean Payton. If we’ve learned anything last few years it’s that we don’t have the sharpest tools in the drawer. Actually they’re pretty dull, but definitely tools. And in this case it’s cool to see the game plan executed successfully. Such flawless design can’t and shouldn’t be wasted by a pair of frying pan hands.

So obviously that’s nice to see it done correctly even if it absolutely crushes my soul knowing it came from Nagy’s super secret playbook. That guys on my shit list for dragging Mitch last week like a gutless coward. I hope he just had a bad bowl of French onion and is down to the last few squares of Tp. That’s how mad I am at Matt Nagy. Can’t even enjoy a nice shootout on a Sunday night because of his bullshit. He sucks