The Browns' Future Is Bright, But It Is Hard To Not Be Bummed Out

That was... tough.

I didn't really have much hope going into the game, and it looked for a while like the game would be a blowout. Even when they got it to 19-10, it just didn't feel possible.

Obviously, shit changed when Mahomes got knocked out for the game.

Unfortunately, the hope was false hope. The final offensive possession and defensive possession for the Browns showed they just aren't there quite yet. Kevin Stefanski has had a great season, but he had some execution issues with timeouts and challenges. The Chiefs dialed up some good blitzes, exposed the issues at left tackle (third-stringer by the fourth quarter), and bottled up the drive. Baker just simply didn't have time to make a good throw on either third or fourth down. I am okay with punting there, 4th & 9 is long, but that is a fifty-fifty call in my book. Baker has made big plays all year, taking the ball out of his hands was tough, especially giving it to this defense...

That's just this defense in a nutshell. They've let up plays like this all season long It fucking sucks, but this is who they are as we end the season. Just simply not good enough. (I'd be unfair to the defense if I also didn't note the offense had a slew of issues in the first half, mostly self-inflicted) Stopping Mahomes is hard for anyone, but even early in the game, they gave up far too many third & fourth down conversions with double-digit yards to go.

The call on fourth down was ballsy as hell by Andy Reid, and that is why he will be in the Hall of Fame.

It's tough to put coherent words together, but I do know that freaking out over the Rashard Higgins touchdown-to-touchback seems silly at this point. They got fucked on the helmet-to-helmet, but it is what it is and you have to show adversity. The Chiefs lost fucking Patrick Mahomes, good teams get over shit and find a way to win.


The Browns just aren't quite great yet.

But I love this team and can't wait for next season.

- Kevin Stefanski is the real deal
- Baker is the guy
-- Anyone saying otherwise isn't watching
- Chubb & Hunt are fantastic
- Baker has great chemistry with his weapons
- The offensive line is the league's best
- They did this battling COVID issues for the back third of the season
- Garret & Ward can anchor this season
- They have to build the defense… it's the biggest priority
-- This team can contend with a good defense, just not what we saw today

Obviously, there are other (OBJ) questions, but it's hard to not look at the Browns, as a fan, and have real optimism.

I am fucking fired up, even though I am fairly bummed out.

See you next season.

Go Browns.