Here They Are, The Best Minor League Jerseys Ever, Brought To You By The Frederick Keys

Friday, July 31st, you know where you can find me. I’ll be in Frederick, MD to watch the Keys play in these beauts. What better way to honor the 90’s than rock these Chuckie Finster themed unis? May have to bring my gigapet and Pokemon cards up there and have myself a night. And the fact they didn’t cut costs on the pants is simply magnificent. No half measures here.

I’d love to see some more 90’s nights if they’re going to do things like this. Legends of the Hidden Temple theme next? Camp Anawanna shirts?  Global Guts, play for the Aggro Crag and bring in that British babe Mo as the announcer? Endless possiblities, but not sure any jersey will top the Chuckie Finster.

Sign me up for this everytime. Everything 90s was dope (well, except for Charlie Wisco’s N64 list.)